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Peters is a professional, approachable, kind, and organized person. She is excellent to work with.

Katie B

Shannon is professional, compassionate and meticulous.

I originally met Shannon within my first 3 months in Charlotte. She was a team mom for a sports team that my son was on. She brings the nuture of a mother, the zeal of a cheerleader and the due diligence of a person that loves hard work and perfection of her craft. I have asked Shannon to do the honors of helping my family and I find our dream home. I can not wait to be amazed by a woman who seeks nothing but the best.

Trisha Green

I have had the opportunity to get to know and work on and off with Shannon for at least 7 years.

She has always been a 'go getter.' She has a knack for analyzing situations, anticipating problems and working to identify solutions. She is personable and friendly. She engages others socially and has a great eye for details.

CJ Knight

Shannon is very self-motivated, hardworking, intuitive, and always takes her job seriously.

As a member of the HOA team she was supportive, available, and helpful to all her neighbors.

Grace Hutchinson-LaFleur

Shannon Peters has been a supportive parent and substitute teacher at Ridge Road Middle School.

Her son was in my Honors English Language Arts class. During that time, she was always willing to help and contribute to our class. She was an officer with the PTA and served our educational community well. As a substitute teacher, she came highly recommended, and I could see why. Mrs. Peters executed the lesson plans and handled any behavioral problems like the professional she is. She is a joy to work with and a refreshing example of one striving for excellence.

Pamela Jones

I volunteered with Shannon for several years at Highland Creek Elementary and Ridge Road Middle.

She is reliable, dedicated and a hard worker. She will be a great addition to your team. Thanks Fatou Gaye

Fatou Gaye


Peters is an amazing person to work with. She is a very dependable, caring, personable, kind and wonderful person.

Andreina Z Morris

It has been a pleasure working with Ms.

Peters. Ms. Peters is extremely reliable on any project or task that is given to her. Although your strong work ethic seems to be a natural, I am most impressed that you are such a caring person. You care about each individual that you work with. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to those that you serve.

Mary Lanos

I had the privilege of meeting Shannon through her son's school where I taught.

She tirelessly volunteered her time and talents in several ways helping to make the school great. Shannon is a resilient teammate who consistently goes the extra mile to positively impact those around her.

Zak Wernecke

Shannon is professional and accessible.

She is so organized and quick to answer emails and phone calls. She is also a clear and strong communicator.

Tiffany Clarke

Shannon is a very sincere, honest person.

She has a pleasant, gentle, friendly manner that makes one feel comfortable in her presence. She is serious-minded, but smiles frequently, and never seems to be stressed. I have come to admire her commitment to her family and community. Her kindness is exemplary. I note too that she is ambitious, but with goals that she believes are reachable, because she is willing to put forth the effort. She's a great person to have on your side!

Sally Goodfellow

Shannon Peters is comforting and efficient.

You can count on Shannon to handle all the details with a sense of urgency while guiding you through the unfamiliar.

Enjolie Bush

Always reliable and dependable!


Shannon Peters is a very dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic person!

Her positive attitude and personality will brighten your day!

Antonia Ramadan

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